Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Greenfield City Run 2012

There are 8 races scheduled last May 27. There's Anson's Fun in the Sun Run (McKinley), Greenfield City Run (Laguna), Nature's Trail Discovery Run (Rizal) and C5 Half Marathon (Ortigas) to name a few. I was lucky enough to participate on the 10k category of Greenfield City Run by Greentennial Team. Thanks to coach Michelle Estuar for the free race kit!

It was my first time to run in Greenfield City. The race was good and well organized. Race route for 10km category is mostly flat terrain. Plenty of hydration along the route (cold water and Pocari). Marshalls cheering runners at every corner of the race route. Organizers provided different medals for 21km finishers (newbie, veteran and barefoot runner).

My official time for the 10km is 0:54:58 with 05:29 pace.

Some photos from the event.
pre-race photo with Marlon, Karla, Oni and Majul. (photo by Oni)
Team Titans volunteers/marshalls - Loyde, Lourd, Oni, Loyce and Gian (photo by Oni)
Finishers at Greenfield City Run with coach Mitch Estuar
with barefoot celebrity runner Gerard Pizzaras
with Mars of Greentennial Team
Congratulations to my team mate Majul Maccay for finishing her first half mary in 2:28! A round of applause also for 21km first timers at C5 Half Marathon - Rusell Andaya, EJ Abilo and Raymund Flores. Well done guys!

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  1. looks fun! next year sa greenfield na talaga ko sasali! hehe! congrats rolls!