Monday, June 17, 2013

Alaska World Milk Day Run Rocks!

After my not so good performance at 32k Run United 2013, clocked 3:56 from my previous personal best of 3:14 (Run United 3 2012), I have second thoughts on running my 10km race at Alaska Run. Eventually, Noel convinced me to run since this will be my recovery run after my 32k finish a week before. Arrived at the venue around 4:30am, I am not sure if I would perform well on this run because I spent most of my Saturday at the gym (attended Body Step class and lift weights). My first four kilometers was good until I suffered side crampie (side stitch) that slow me down before approaching Kalayaan flyover. Pain subsides on the 8th kilometer, that's the time I was able to recover my pace. Official time for the 10km run is 52:11.

Thoughts on the race:
  1. On-time gunstart.
  2. New and challenging 10k route.
  3. Ice cold water provided on hydration stations.
  4. Kilometer markers are visible on the route.
  5. Weather is good...not too humid :)
  6. Plenty of race marshalls along the route.
  7. Activity village is well organized.
  8. Raffle for runners who joined the race.
  9. Lots of race photographers!
  10. Loot Bag full of Alaska products!
pre-race with Noel and CJ!
runners at Kalayaan flyover :)
still manage to smile while having a side stitch
photo at the 8km mark
finish line with running icon Sir Patrick!
United Colors of Runners!
milk moustache booth at the activity village
with fellow runner/blogger
with FF buffs (Peter, Peejei and John)
Overall the race is very well organized. I had fun! Big thanks and congratulations to Alaska, Eventking and Sunrise for a good 10km run!

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  1. angat na angat ka sa photos! congrats! sana makapag-sub-50 na 10k na tayo. :)