Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Road to Run United Philippine Marathon (RUPM) DOS!

Condura Skyway Marathon 2012 - February 5, 2012 - 05:14:09
Run United Philippine Marathon 2012 - October 28, 2012 - 04:40:56
Standard Chartered Hongkong Marathon 2013 - February 24, 2013 - 04:04:28
This Sunday, October 6, I'll be running my fourth 42km at the second Run United Philippine Marathon. Eventhough this is not my first marathon, I still feel excited, nervous and a bit apprehensive. I believe this is normal for runners participating in full marathon (42km). My target is to beat my RUPM record last year. I'd like to share my final preparations two weeks before the race.

Group Exercises (Body Step / Body Attack / Body Combat)
I regularly attend group classes whenever I don't have time to run outdoor. It improves my strength through core conditioning, squats and lunges. It also increase my heart and lung capacity through a full body cardio workout.

Yoga (Hot Flow / Core Flow)
I also attend yoga twice a week to loosen up lower back and thighs, ankle stability, calves and tight hamstrings. It also bring focus and quiet my mind that I need on race day.

Cardiovascular Machines
Steppers to strengthen my lower body
On my three marathons I mentioned above, I always experienced "hitting the wall." Also called "bonk" is a condition caused by the depletion of glycogen stores in the liver and muscles. Sudden fatigue, exhaustion, muscle cramping and loss of energy are the manifestation of this condition. This can be avoided by ensuring/maintaining that glycogen levels are high during physical activity by eating/drinking carbs-rich substances. Last September 26, I was lucky to be invited by Unilab Active Health (ULAH) to try the new product that helps endurance athletes during training or race.

Active Health Sports Gel
The Active Health Sports Gel is a source of lasting energy. It contains maltodextrin (the most easily digested form of carbohydrate) which contains 60% carbs. It has electrolytes that replenish the sodium and pottassium lost through sweat. It is handy since it comes in a small, single-serve packet that has a strip at the top that can be peeled off to reveal an opening through which the gel can be consumed.
The Active Health Sports Gel is worth a try for runners, I didn't experienced an upset stomach after gel consumption on one of my long runs. Available on Berry Mix flavor which is delicious and it's not a challenge to ingest. Passed my criteria for flavor, texture and stomach acceptance. Each 43g sachet contains 29g of carbohydrates (116kcal) and amounts to about one mouthful. As with most energy gels, the price of the gel would be a parity (equivalence in value) with the existing gels at the market. Overall, the new product is a good source of increased energy, avoid the dangers of dehydration since is replenish electrolytes lost, compact rich carb source, easy to eat and very handy and portable.
trying out the gel
Good news to all RUPM runners!!! Active Health Sports Gel will be launched on race day (October 6).  I recommend you to try the new product of ULAH for your upcoming trainings and runs for maximum PR performance.

Relax and Extra Sleep
The best thing to do now on the final week is to relax and to chill. RUPM runners do your best, don't quit and be proud knowing that running a marathon is difficult! 

See you on Sunday! :)