Thursday, March 15, 2012

I've been in CORON!

I was lucky enough to visit Coron, Palawan last month (February 14 to 17). The fare I got for Busuanga via Cebu Pacific Airlines is Php 1,181.50 and managed to get tour package for 7 pax (all in) c/o Mommita's Place amounting to Php 5,390 each.

Vacation Highlights

Mt. Tapyas - It was on our first day when we climbed Mt. Tapyas.  To get to the top, you would need to take 700+ steps. The trail to its summit was safe since it was paved and concrete. A huge steel cross is situated at the peak of Mt. Tapyas.

100th step with Whine

The Cross at the peak.

The Lakwatseros! (summit of Mt. Tapyas)

Maquinit Hot Springs - After climbing Mt. Tapyas, we headed to Maquinit Hot Springs to relax and rejuvenate. It  is the only known saltwater hot spring in the Philippines. You can reach the place after your island hopping activity since your boat can duct right near the mangroves or you can reach the resort by land by hiring a tricycle.

Environmental Compliance Certificate at the entrance of the hot spring.
Soothing our tired muscles and feet. SARAP!

Waling Waling Island - Also called Bulog Uno island. Small paradise indeed!

White sandbar!
at the peak of Waling Waling Island.
Banana Island Resort - A beautiful island with not so fine white sand. It even have some dead corals on the shore, aqua shoes is a must here when swimming.

Twin Lagoon - is two salt water lakes separated by a narrow opening. Advisable to go here when it is low tide, you can swim across the narrow opening to get to the other lake. When high tide the opening is completely submerged and you'll have to swim/dive through it.

scared but enjoying the blue water of the lake
group picture at twin lagoon
Kayangan Lake - also sometimes referred to as Blue Lagoon, is said to be the cleanest lake in the country. We climb approximately 10 minutes worth of steep steps up a small clearing just to see the magnificent view. At the top is the perfect spot from which to take photographs of the place.

steep steps going to the magnificent view
magnificent view at the top!
the clear lake!
Unfortunately, we are not able to visit the Siete Pecados Island, it was raining hard when we arrived at the snorkelling area. On my next visit, it will be my priority on my itinerary.

Next adventure >>>  CDO (November 2012) and El Nido (February 2013)!