Thursday, November 8, 2012

Men’s Health encourages you to face your fears in its November 2012 issue

This November, Men’s Health dares you to face your fears in an issue packed with tips on how to do just that. On the cover is actor and sport climber Paulo Avelino, who despite his fear of heights, faced it head on by climbing atop outdoor rock formations. 
“It doesn’t mean that if you’re afraid of heights, you can’t do rock climbing,” says Avelino who got introduced to the sport in 2007.  At first, he trained indoors to build his endurance and rhythm. Then he pushed himself further by taking his climb outdoors with more experienced climbers.
Surprisingly, Avelino shares with Men’s Health that another element that he likes about the sport is the very thing he fears. “I enjoy reaching the top but falling. I can’t explain it. When you fall, you fall sa pinakamalapit na sinabitan mo. The fall makes you feel alive,” he quips.
In the same issue, Men’s Health features five men and women in uniform who bravely faced adversities in fulfilling their duties as civil servants. Awarded as outstanding Policemen and Soldiers by the Metrobank Foundation, they share their personal stories of bravery despite the life-threatening situations they were in.
The November 2012 issue also has an extensive article on do-it-yourself guy food. The recipes are quick and easy to make. So if it’s cooking you fear, Men’s Health will help you cover that base with ease.
Read more about these by grabbing the November 2012 issue of Men’s Health featuring Paulo Avelino on the cover. It’s now available in newsstands and bookstores nationwide. For more of Men’s Health online, become a fan on Facebook ( and follow them on Twitter (


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