Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Alaska Iron Kids Aquathlon 2014!

Last February 9, I was invited to cover the Alaska Iron Kids Aquathlon held at The Village Sports Club in Paranaque City. The event is open to children from 6 to 14 years old that features two sporting events, swimming and running. The aquathlon event offered two categories, (1) the RACE category is for competitive kids who will complete to place and beat their personal record and (2) the PLAY category is for kids who were given a chance to experience the event without the pressure of the competition.
male aquathletes!
female aquathletes!

Kira Ellis, top finisher 6-8 yrs old category

Tara Borlain (center), top finisher 9-10 yrs old category and Samantha Borlain (rightmost), top finisher 11-12 yrs old category

Sophia Almendral, 2nd placer 11-12 yrs old category
Gabby Ong, 2nd placer 6-8 yrs old category
 I am inspired and amazed on how these kids enjoyed and finished the race. This event help kids develop the values of discipline, hardwork and determination to complete the race. This is also the perfect venue for family bonding and for parents to show great coaching and support for the kids.

Thoughts while observing/watching the aquathlon event: 
1. Safe Event - lot of marshalls/lifeguard deployed all over the event place.
2. Distances are achievable.
    6 to 8 yrs (100m swim, 1km run)
    9 to 10 yrs (200m swim, 1.5 km run)
    11 to 12 yrs (300m swim, 2km run)
    13 to 14 yrs (400m, 3km run)
3. The Village Sports Club is indeed a kid friendly venue.
4. Kids only race. Accidents is minimize since there is no older competitor.
5. Race route/information were clearly discussed before each category. Encouraging kids to ask questions about their category.
6. On time gunstart for all categories.

Race Results
The Bloggers!
 Kudos to Sunrise Events and Alaska Milk Corporation for staging this aquathlon event!
Congratulations to all participants and parents for their dedication and efforts for life-long passion for fitness and healthy lifestyle!

Photos Courtesy of Justin  Gomez

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